How to get started.

How to request a first appointment.

Setting up a first appointment with a North Shore Family Wellness therapist is as simple as calling our office at (847) 231-3729. It is likely that you'll get our voicemail, as we cannot answer the phone while in session. Leave a message and a therapist will call you back to get things started.

What to expect in the first session.

In the first session, your therapist will spend time with you getting to know you better. We will discuss your goals for therapy and what you'd like to be different in your life. We’ll spend time discussing a plan for how we can help you meet those goals. Of course, you'll also get a chance to get to know your therapist better and ask any questions you may have.

Initial paperwork and things to bring.

You really only need to bring yourself and, if appropriate, your insurance card for the first session. You may either come to the first session ten minutes early to fill out paperwork or click the links below to print it out and complete it at home. You will need to complete all three sets of forms.
New client packet
HIPAA forms
Phone: 847-231-3729 • 5225 Old Orchard Road • Suite 34 • Skokie, IL 60077