With over 12 years experience working with couples, Keith Bayer is North Shore Family Wellness’s marital specialist. Being married, Keith understands the work that goes into caring for and feeding a marriage. Keith Bayer brings his personal experience and a wealth of training to his work with couples. A graduate in social work from Washington University in St. Louis, Keith’s work with couples is influenced by his assistance with
PAIRS ® training and post-graduate work in Dr. John Gottman’s research-based techniques.

Keith believes in a holistic approach to his work that looks at the legacy of family messages we carry with us, the current family system and stressors from the outside world that may be creating difficulties in the lives of the clients with whom he works. He believes that his role is to collaborate with his clients to alleviate those stressors, build skills for dealing with them and get back on track with everyday life.

Keith works with each of North Shore Family Wellness’s therapists to ensure that these tools and techniques are available to each couple.